36 color ultra-light clay 24 color bubble space mud hand rubber mud mud safe non-toxic clay large bag set

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Good Lemu.
Age applicable:
3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years 11 years 12 years 13 years 14 years 14 years old 14 years old
Gender applicable:
Toy Type:
Colored clay
Color classification:
50g 24 color box simple pack (send tool knife and instruction manual) 50g 24 color box luxury pack (send 58 parts package) 50g 24 color collection box (send 68 parts package) 50g 36 color collection box (send 68 parts accessory bag) 100g 24 color collection box (send 68 parts package) 100g 36 color storage box (100g 36 color storage box) Send 68 parts accessory package) 50 g cup 24 color increased storage box (send 68 parts package) 50 g cup 36 color increased collection box (send 68 parts accessory package)
Number of colors:
24 colors
Tools Mold Material:
Other other
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